ERP Software Icons and Navigation Improvements


Our ERP System has a number of features designed to expedite the speed of navigating from one task to the next. Our ERP Software also looks to provide as much useful information in as little space as possible.

Credit Card Processing and System Auditing


Learn about how we support real-time credit card transactions and how our system keeps track of all changes made to Sales Orders.

Improvements to our ERP System


Improvements to inventory reporting, new scanning support for Preventative Maintenance, Peer to Peer communication/chat, warnings for Order Entry when multiple users edit the same order, and more.

Top Sales Reports


Our new Top Sales report shows % of total for various metrics. Choose to show results by Customers, Salesmen, Items, Services, Customer Class, or Item Class.

Improvements To Your ERP System


New icons linking various sections of the system, improvements to our AR invoicing and AR Statement communications, Pick Ticket enhancements, and handling multiple users editing or working on the same order.

Grace Period for Cold Storage Operations


Allow for Clearing and Other Processing Delaying First Cycle Billing

Warehouse WMS and Outbound Sales Orders


Real world features to truly help your warehouse do their job

Automated AR Statements


Stay on top of your Open Account Receivables with automated statements

Online Document Management


Safely store all documents directly into our software's document management system

Preventative Maintenance Enhancements


Details are entered directly into our ERP software's Preventative Maintenance System

Inspired Portal Enhancements


Customize BOLs, Order Imaging, Restock unwanted picked inventory back to its original location., Compare Sales to Prior Year, Automated AR Statements, Default Customer PO Number, Document Management

WMS Cloud ERP Improves the Inventory Accuracy of the Leading Cold Storage Businesses of the Northeast


Maintaining the integrity of inventory for a frozen Storage company's customers is crucial for success. Cloud ERP has been monumental in helping cold storage companies easily and efficiently maintain their inventory information.

Having a system that is simple, user friendly and precise is what a cold Storage business needs to thrive, and Cloud ERP accomplishes just that.

Inspired Portal Enhancements


Help "?" icons, initial landing page, pallet manual IDs, pick ticket summary, warning for zero value orders, automatic release charge, automatic catch weight traversal, new address shortcut, and automatic printing