AS400 IBMi iSeries

Numerous clients across the world rely upon the AS400, IBMi, or iSeries to run their core, mission-critical programs each day, and they are examples of why stating that "AS400, IBMi, and iSeries are legacy environments" is not applicable. It is, simply put, a myth.

A technology will become less applicable when it loses its strategic value to customers and is unable to undertake and combine new thoughts and abilities into its framework. That is simply not the case for the AS400, IBMi, or iSeries. Clients regularly put money into this platform, building new applications and answers with the contemporary technologies. And IBM has constructed the AS400, IBMi, and iSeries with a roadmap to cope with their needs.

The general answer is, blame the consultant, not the technology.

There’s a lot of evidence to counter the myth noted above, however, not just our words here on this website. From the many customers who use the platform today, to the modern day market studies on its affordability.

We at Inspired Technology Systems believe in the IBMi platform. Also the the AS400 or iSeries. We are IBM professionals, and offer consulting services for any mission revolving around it.

Our relationships and partnerships, as well as our keen ability to pay attention to your particular needs, offers us an edge that is simply unbeatable.

ERP Implementation Consultants

ERP Consultants are educated in enterprise resource planning (ERP), a set of Business Software that permits a business to apply integrated systems that automate many capabilities associated with services and commerce, as a consequence improving the bottom line in measurable dollars.

Do you need an ERP consultant? It’s probable that nobody knows your business better than you. Likewise, no one understands enterprise management systems better than the folks who develop and install them for a living. Many argue that the most critical factor in an ERP implementation is the partnership among the customer and consultant challenge teams.

We are experts in the transition from old, usually disparate, business control systems to a new solution. We examine and understand your commercial enterprise requirements, and on this context evaluate options. Often, we at Inspired Technology Systems will recommend working in phases to minimize negative blow back from your employees. Choosing the appropriate change, then deploying, customizing, trying out and tuning that system are all levels of the undertaking which may be dealt with by way of Inspired Technology Systems.

We are experts in the Distribution, Cold Storage, and Food Manufacturing businesses.

Generally, consultancy services address the selection, implementation, schooling and aid of an ERP solution. We'll help you with accurate advice, and concentrate on your desires but confront you with the tough truths when necessary.

AS400, IBMi, and iSeries Software Services

These are some of the services we can provide. We give you the software and train your team to maintain it or you can contract us to monitor, maintain and support it.

MSGW monitoring, MSGW notifications

Be notified of any jobs in MSGW status (Message-Wait) immediately or after a pre-setup number of seconds or minutes. Define rules by Job Name, or Subsystem. Applicable for nearly all software implementations on the AS400, IBMi, or iSeries

LCKW monitoring, LCKW notifications

Be notified of any jobs in LCKW status (Lock-Wait) immediately or after a pre-setup number of seconds or minutes. Define rules by Job Name, or Subsystem. Also applicable for nearly all software implementations on the AS400, IBMi, or iSeries

Active Job Monitoring

Setup a list of Job Names to monitor and notify when it's not running. This ensures you'll never run into the situation where a job that was supposed to be running, isn't running for a long period of time. Prevent issues by being proactive in finding them and being notified before your user community. Again, for nearly all software implementations on the AS400, IBMi, or iSeries

Setup automated purges of old stream files, IFS objects, directories and spool files

Having a purge and cleanup plan for your system is important. We can setup different rules for different folders or directories and purge them by age. We can setup different rules for different OUTQs or different Spool Files and purge them by age. This will free up your job tables preventing major issues. AS400, IBMi, or iSeries implementations.

Setup alerts of remaining disk space

Monitor your disk utilization by being notified proactively of any sudden jump in disk usage.

Automated FTP or TCP scripts

Automatically transmit a file via FTP or another protocol if a file is placed in folder. This is great for updating inventory in Scale systems where the 'monitor' scale needs to be updated periodically with a new set of SKUs for the day. We can leverage this technique for a variety of implementations like order transmission or ASN transmission of your shipments. AS400, IBMi, or iSeries implementations.

Job Completion Notification

We can modify your existing software and incorporate notification of when a process starts and/or when it ends. You can stop guessing when and if something took place by being notified so. AS400, IBMi, or iSeries implementations.

Programming Change Delivery Platform

If you have test and production environments and need to deliver software from one environment to another, or even one system to another, we have tools we can provide and train you on to streamline this process and even make it free of mistakes and missed steps. AS400, IBMi, or iSeries implementations.

Audit Trail

We can hook into the QAUDJRN journals and scrape them loading a database of important events you can then inquire on. For example, find out each and every time a user changes his or her password. Or log and report each time a particular user logs into the system, their activity, and when they log out. Mobile-friendly and mobile-first design, according to your needs. AS400, IBMi, or iSeries implementations.

Modernization of Backups

We can optimize your Backups so they run faster and disrupt your business for a minimal amount of time. We can also modify or implement a plan to eliminate or minimize your tape backups by utilizing virtual tape technology. Backups can be performed and then off loaded to external storage and even the cloud. Imagine not having to lug around tapes or pay for off side tape premises. AS400, IBMi, or iSeries implementations.

Off load your journal receivers to external storage

We can setup nightly purges and FTP processes to remove journal receivers from your system and store them on external media and even the cloud. This can free up disk space making your system run smoother or even allowing you to grow your business before upgrading. AS400, IBMi, or iSeries implementations.

Map your IFS or Disk Storage

We can scrape your IFS system and files on a regular basis and allow you inquiry over them. Determine temporary directories that should be purged or find old objects you no longer need. AS400, IBMi, or iSeries implementations.

Variety of alert formats

Stay informed on your PC, tablet, and phone. We can alert you via system messaging alerts, emails, and/or Telegram push messaging. We make sure you know what you need to, as soon as it happens. AS400, IBMi, or iSeries implementations.