As always, we are here to explain or demo any feature you wish to see

Open Transaction Window

A new Open Transactions Window has been added to allow you to quickly review all open/in progress transactions for the current End Of Day Cutoff Date. View at any point in time within a concise and convenient pop-up window, and minimize or restore it as needed. Conveniently access each open transaction by clicking on that specific entry to automatically be redirected to that particular screen.

Condensed Icons

Icons formerly displayed on a single row have now been adjusted to display in a more condensed user friendly format. Each screen within our ERP Software now contains more real estate to display more key information clearly.

Additional Support for Keyboard Navigation

Our ERP Software now supports the use of up and down arrows on your keyboard to traverse across table entry icons. Easily traverse up and down each record on a screen to minimize the need for the use of a mouse. Continue to select an icon by hitting the enter key as always.