Custom Label Options

Case Label Sizes

Have the freedom to decide which case label format best suits your needs.

Our Warehouse Management System currently supports zebra labels of two sizes: 4x2 inch and a larger 4x4 inch size.

Both labels will display information including: item name, lot, weight, item number barcode or GS1-128 barcode, lot number barcode or UPC barcode if applicable.

Safe Handling and USDA Images

Our WMS ERP Software is versatile in its ability to display any custom safe handling or USDA stamp right on your case labels.

Our larger 4x4 inch size case label is perfect for displaying this additional information, and is one of the options you can choose to include or omit from your labels.

Ingredient Lists

If you'd like to show an ingredient list for the product contained within your cases, you now have the ability to custom add your list of ingredients to any item in inventory and have it print right on your case labels.

Our ERP Software's custom 4x4 inch case label seamlessly displays the list of ingredients right at the center of the label.

Pick Aid Image Feature

Our Warehouse Management Software has the option to print simple pick aid images directly onto case labels. Use our WMS System's item master pick aid image feature to easily associate simple shape imagery to certain product codes in order to help workers identify products with ease.

Our WMS Software supports up to ten unique symbols, which can be associated to any item you choose. Pick aid image options include shapes such as a circle, square, triangle, star, heart etc., and will print automatically on your case labels once setup has been completed in the item master. Our customers find it easier to identify product quickly and correctly using simple shapes instead of solely relying on needing to read every word of the product names.

Weight Display and Rounding Options

Our WMS ERP Software is equipped with further customization options, including the option to choose how each case weight is displayed on the label. Through the item master, product codes can be set up with one, two, three, or four decimal rounding, which in turn will prompt the Warehouse Management System to automatically print case labels that follow those rounding rules. Set up different rounding rules per item code to further customize your case labels.

In addition to rounding the weight, our Warehouse Management Software also automatically shows either a net weight, standard weight or catch weight for display directly on the case labels. Our labels are clearly organized and easy to read, and contain all of the standard information to be expected on a standard case label.

However, while our case labels are built to suit the majority of needs with its standard setup, customizing case labels to suit any unique set of demands is something we and our Warehouse Management Development team specialize in as well.

Voice Picking Technology

Another custom case label option that our WMS ERP Software offers is the ability to automatically generate and print voice pick codes directly onto case labels. Once printed from our Warehouse Management System, these case labels containing voice pick codes can then be used with voice-directed picking technologies for order fulfillment.

Voice picking allows warehouse workers to work hands free by using voice prompts through headsets to direct them to locations throughout the warehouse for order fulfillment.

If voice picking is enabled in our WMS System, case labels printed will automatically display a voice picking code which warehouse workers can use to validate their picks.

Provide voice-directed applications with case labels straight from our WMS Software. Voice picking codes are automatically generated by our Warehouse Management System based upon industry standards. These case labels will contain the appropriate voice picking code according to the case's GTIN, lot and/or pack date where applicable. Our WMS ERP system produces case labels that are clear and easy to read, with industry standard voice pick code formatting.

Pick by voice, or voice-directed warehousing simplifies the picking process for pickers, allowing warehouse workers to simply follow verbal instructions in order to guide them to their picks, while also allowing workers to confirm each action of their own verbally, with manual text input or through a barcode scan. Take advantage of our warehouse management system's built in voice pick code feature, which automatically prints voice picking codes directly onto case labels for those that utilize voice-picking systems for increased worker efficiency.