Warning and Error Message Pop-ups

Error Message Pop-ups

Our WMS ERP System utilizes red error messages that will pop-up on users' screens whenever there is an invalid data entry. These messages will show up right on the scan gun during any RF Function to help mitigate any invalid scanning issues, as well on any other device used for data entry. These are true error messages that will completely prevent users from entering in any invalid data, and users will need to correct their input before proceeding.

This is especially useful for warehouse workers when scanning, as the system will actively prevent duplicate case serial numbers from being scanned twice in order to help prevent double-scanning mistakes.

Warning Message Pop-ups

Similar to our WMS System's error message pop-ups, our Warehouse Management System will automatically flash a clear yellow warning pop-up whenever it detects "possible" invalid entries.

This type of warning comes in handy in particular when scanning barcodes that do not contain serial numbers. Without a serial number to identify a unique box, it is possible to scan the same box twice by mistake. Knowing this, our ERP system specifically warns the scanner whenever a duplicate weight is detected with a clear yellow pop-up that must be acknowledged before proceeding. In addition, our WMS System also has the option to have scan guns make a beeping noise in conjunction with these warning messages. This gives warehouse personnel an additional nudge to verify what they're scanning and ensure that a duplicate weight is in fact valid.