Bin Restrictions

Prevent items of a certain storage restriction from being placed inside bins not designated to that restriction. Add as many custom storage restrictions to the WMS System as you'd like, restrictions like halal, kosher etc. can all be maintained seamlessly.

Bin Priorities

Organize and automate pallet placement in bins by specifying a particular priority. Denoting priorities such as long stay versus short stay can help warehouse personnel place pallets in the proper bin locations according to what pallets need to be accessed sooner than others.

Bin Environments

Classify bins into various different environments to aid in the placement of putaways during receiving time. Specifying a cooler or freezer environment during receiving can help warehouse workers place pallets in the appropriate places and avoid the potential for mistakes.

Bin Height

Navigate multiple bin height specifications and pallet requirements by assigning a height to each bin. During receiving as product comes in, you have the ability to specify the minimum height needed and have the WMS software automatically guide the user where to go.

Customer Bin Assignments

Isolate certain bins in your warehouse and assign them for specific customer use. Ensure priority customers have the space they need in the agreed upon location.

Our WMS system keeps track of which bins are assigned to which customers, and will ensure that the right product is placed in the right location.