AR Invoice Modes

Our Warehouse Management ERP Software is now further equipped with document customization options, including multiple formats to optimize your experience with invoice documentation.

This latest feature of our ERP System streamlines the invoicing process for your business by letting workers choose between a detailed format, summary format, or combination of the two for invoice documents going out to their customers.

Warehouse workers can now take advantage of this versatile feature in order to provide customers with information on invoice documents with varying levels of detail, depending on their customers' preferences and needs.

Detailed Invoice Mode

Our Warehouse Management ERP System's detailed invoice mode aids in the assurance of clarity and thoroughness in each transaction by including all relevant information needed for customers to be able to understand their orders/invoices.

When a customer is set up for our detailed invoice mode, they'll see a breakdown of all details pertaining to their order. These details may include the pallet's reference number, weights, lot, external ID, manual ID, pack and size, and any additional description added that may be associated with the order line.

Summary Invoice Mode

If you could benefit from a quick at-a-glance view of the items invoiced, the summary invoice mode offers a consolidated format of invoice documents.

In summary invoice mode, customers can enjoy the convenience of a concise overview of the items and services invoiced on an order, grouped by item and price.

Both Invoice Mode

If your company opts to use the both invoice mode for a customer's invoice on our WMS System, you can generate a document that contains both a summarized and detailed view of an invoice document. This will give you initially page(s) displaying the summary, followed by the additional detailed information on subsequent pages.