Picking Notes

Pick Ticket Document Notes

Our warehouse management software now has the ability to maintain and display notes for pickers. Use our WMS Software to add your own reminders and warnings to orders, and then choose whether or not to have them printed on the physical pick sheets for pickers to see as they proceed with picking. Using pick ticket notes in our warehouse management system can help ensure proper warehouse practices and also help mitigate potential issues during picking.

Once added, pick ticket notes will display clearly right on your picker's pick sheets generated by the WMS ERP software, and will serve to provide the necessary warnings and/or reminders that pickers need to look out for. In our warehouse management software, notes can be added for display for particular lines on an order, each line item having the ability to have it's very own individual note. In addition, the WMS ERP Software will also allow for pick ticket notes to be added for the overall order itself.

RF Scan Gun Notes

Improve communication within your team using our WMS Software's Pick Ticket/RF Scan gun notes feature. Once set up, during the picking process, scan guns will automatically display order header pick ticket notes for each item, in addition to any line specific notes that only pertain to certain items.

Pickers will see a clear message right on the scan gun running our WMS Software, and will be able to heed warnings and/or take the appropriate actions based upon reminders as they proceed to pick.

Excluding a Bin or Pallet From Picking

Custom Allocation Exclusion List

Organizing your inventory with lot numbers, manual ids and exclusion reasons has been enhanced to allow for easier traceability.

You can now create your own unique exclusion reasons that identify why specific pallets in inventory have been excluded from being picked and shipped out. This comes in handy for quality control purposes and any other reason you may choose to withhold the allocation of a certain product to a sales order.

This feature of our WMS ERP System will prevent picking from certain bins or pallets. You have complete control when it comes to customizing the reasons you decide to exclude pallets and/or bins.

Simply add and maintain new allocation exclusion reason codes and their descriptions to your very own list and use them as necessary. Common reason codes include those for quality assurance and damage. Codes can be as specific or general as you'd like.

Bin Exclusions

Bins either designated for allocation holds or that already contain product that must not be allocated and shipped out can be assigned their own specific allocation exclusion. Once an allocation exclusion is assigned to a bin, customer orders will not allocate that inventory contained within the excluded bin. This helps prevent product that shouldn't be leaving the building from being shipped out.

Pallet Exclusions

Individual pallets regardless of bin they are can also be excluded from allocation/picking using our WMS Software. Once a pallet is assigned an allocation exclusion reason, like damage for instance, any future customer orders will the pallet is tagged as excluded will not allocate inventory from that pallet. Our Warehouse Management System makes it easy to label and keep track of the current state of inventory.