Automated Service Charges

Our Warehouse Management Software now has the ability to automatically add service charges to any inbound, outbound, or anniversary order. Simply create your very own custom service, then choose to add the percentage of the order that the charge will ensue, or a specific service price, and our WMS System will automatically add these to your orders for you.

Once set up, automated service charges will automatically be added to customer orders without any additional manual effort.

Have the system add service charges such as pallet wrapping, miscellaneous inspections, and even handling charges etc. to either inbound orders, outbound orders, anniversary orders or all three.

Add additional service charges per order, per pallet or per unit, and have the option to enable or disable by customer.

Charges can start "As of" a certain date when needed, giving you the freedom to plan future customer charges and manage promotions.

Inbound Automatic Services

Use our Warehouse Management System to automatically add certain charges to all inbound putaway orders. Any charges set up to be added automatically to inbound orders will be added during the WMS Activity Billing process. While these charges are automated according to your service price setup, they can easily be overridden with a different price if need be before invoicing the order.

Outbound Automatic Services

Our WMS Software also has the ability to automate certain outbound charges on all of your outbound customer orders. Simply create an additional service or surcharge, assign it a price and set up to be automatic. The WMS ERP System will automatically do the work of adding these additional charges to your outbound customer orders.

Anniversary Automatic Services

In addition to inbound and outbound automatic services, our WMS Software also has a feature to automate additional charges for your anniversary orders as well. Have surcharges and other additional service charges automatically added to your nightly anniversary orders. These charges will automatically be added to your customer orders during the nightly WMS Activity Billing process, allowing you to avoid needing to manually add these.