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Product TI-HI Warning

In a warehouse management system, the TI-HI of an item is now used to warn the operator when the maximum number of cases are about to be exceeded during picking or during the movement of cases into pallets.

TI-HI, Ti-High, Tie-High, or Ti by Hi is a term often used in the logistics industry. It refers to the number of boxes/cartons stored on a layer, or tier, (the TI) and the number of layers high that these will be stacked on the pallet (the HI). The TI multiplied by the HI gives you, essentially, the maximum number of boxes to fit on a single pallet.

Product Crush Factor

The Crush Factor of an item is now used to prioritize the picking sequence of various items for a single order in our WMS ERP system. A lower crush factor indicates an item is not likely to get crushed by others stacking on top of it. A higher crush factor indicates the item is more likely to get crushed by others stacking on top of it. In our WMS system, you can use various combinations of crush factors throughout your inventory to signal the WMS ERP system to pick the least crushable product first, then stack other more crushable product on top of those.

Item vs Bin Picking Sequence

In our WMS software, at the customer setup level, now choose between Pick Sequence By Item vs Pick Sequence by Bin. Traditionally, the WMS system defaults to guiding the picker to pick by bin proximity in order to optimize the speed in which picks are completed. In contrast, the WMS Software's By Item setting guides the picker to pick one sku to completion before the next sku on the same order is to be picked.

Bulk Limited Bins

At the bin setup level in our warehouse management system, an option for Bulk Limited is now supported. This is the 4th type of Bin supported in the Inspired Portal WMS system.

In our WMS system, traditional bins allow for a maximum of 1 pallet. Bulk bins allow for an unlimited number of pallets. Pushback bins allow for a limited number of pallets in LIFO order. The new Bulk Limited option in our WMS ERP system allows for multiple pallets limited to a maximum in each bin without a LIFO rule.


Our warehouse management software's Re-Stock feature provides guidance for returning unwanted product back to its original bin/pallet location.

In industries where picking is done days in advance and staged for pick up, it is not uncommon for customers to change their minds and request that product be cancelled out of an order. If the product is already picked or verified, putting it back in its original location becomes problematic. Our WMS software seamlessly keeps track, displays, and guides the operator in returning the product to it's original location.

Item Attachments

Item Imaging

Using our Warehouse Management Software, its now even easier to identify products within your item master list by attaching image files to any of your item master records.

Upload photos of labels, actual product images, and any other information deemed relevant for a particular product, all right off of the item master.

Enter your own custom description to label each image accordingly so everyone on your team stays on the same page.

Non Inventory

Non-Stock Items

Our ERP System has the ability to allow for the purchase and receiving of non-stock, or non-inventoried items.

Commonly used for the purchase of stationary, office supplies and other essentials whose inventory does not need to be maintained and kept track of formally within a software system, you can now enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase and pay for those miscellaneous items without having to adjust and keep track of inventory within the WMS System.

Have the freedom to assign items from your item master list to be either inventory based, or non-stock, depending on your needs.