Customer Transfers

Ownership Transfer Queue

Our warehouse management software now has made it even easier to transfer pallets from one customer to another. Use our ERP Software's Ownership Transfer Queue to easily transfer one to many pallets in just a few simple clicks.

Customers can log into our ERP System's Customer Portal at their convenience and either approve or reject a transfer request they received. Once approved, pallets will be automatically transferred to their inventory and removed from the original customer's inventory. Rejecting a transfer will automatically remove the pallets from the transfer queue and stop the transaction from taking place.

Sending Notifications

Send notifications to customers directly through the ERP System to remind them of pending transfer requests. Once approved or rejected, a notification will be automatically sent to the internal team notifying them of the status of the transfer.

Billing Customer Transfers

Our Cold Storage ERP Software will automatically generate an order through WMS Activity Billing to bill the customer who initiated the ownership transfer. Charging a fee is optional in this ERP System, and can be leveraged for frequent transfers or bypassed when necessary.