Customer Relationship Management


Use our Warehouse Management Software to easily manage all of your customer information onto one easy to manage master customer list. Manage customer addresses, contacts, appointments and documents all in one place using our WMS System's CRM feature.

Stay organized by using our ERP Software's appointment scheduler to maintain and schedule customer appointments and keep track of meeting notes.


Quickly add potential customers as prospects into the WMS CRM Software to easily set up appointments to follow up.


Those potential customers that aren't quite prospects yet can also be added to the CRM feature of our WMS ERP system under the lead phase of the CRM cycle. As the sales process proceeds, easily convert leads into prospects, and then customers once the deal is sealed.


Facilitate better communication by maintaining a list of multiple contacts per customer designated by title. Appointments can be set by contact, and any important documents such as invoices, statements, BOLs can be set up to be automatically emailed to those contacts of your choosing.

Customer PDF Documents

Order Confirmations

Our WMS Software System allows for preliminary order confirmation documents to be generated and optionally emailed to customers. Order Confirmation documents can be generated at any point up until verification has taken place, and can serve as confirmation to your customers that their order has been received and is being processed. Customers will see their own PO and Order #s right in the email subject line, and will see an indication if any items were backordered and could not be fulfilled on the order.


Once an order is released, picked and verified, a Proforma PDF document, otherwise known as a preliminary invoice, becomes available for printing. Present these "preliminary" invoices ahead of time to drivers by generating and printing them straight from our WMS ERP Software.

Invoices and Statements

Our Warehouse Management System gives you the option to have invoices and statements automatically emailed to your customer's contacts. Avoid having to manually send customers the documents they need by choosing to have the WMS System send them out either upon invoicing, or on a weekly basis on specified day(s) of the week.

Have full control and choose which contacts receive which documents automatically. Our WMS Software also gives you the option to manually send out documents individually or in bulk as many times as you'd like in addition to the automated emails your customers will receive.