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Why you should choose our Food Manufacturing Software System:

Food Manufacturing companies across the globe are replacing their old obsolete software systems in exchange for the more reliable and flexible alternative. Enterprise resource management or ERP systems are built with all of your needs in mind. From purchasing all the way down through to customer sales, an ERP system will help you successfully maintain all aspects of your business all in one place.

Food Safety


Are you a certified facility and need to be detailed about safety and food traceability?

Do you have now, or will you have a HACCP program or a USDA program or are you SQF certified?

We strive to serve customers with the highest level Food Safety Programs. Be sure to explore all of the options Inspired Technology Systems has to offer. Our cutting edge cloud ERP software system is tailored for companies like you.

Equipment Management Software

Keep up with preventative maintenance so you don't compromise production

  • Equipment Maintenance
    • Component Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Organize by facility, make, and model
  • Maintenance Event Tracking and Reporting
  • Meets SQF standards and requirements
  • Further customizations available
    • We know your needs are unique!

Manufacturing Software

Plan your production days and avoid missing your targets

  • Manufacturing Batches and Recipes
  • Manage inventory needed per batch
  • Record used and leftover inventory
  • Calculate your yield and costs
  • Use our built in calendar for scheduling
  • Our alert system can email or notify
  • Expiration Date Notifications
    • Stop throwing away product!

Procurement Software

Jump start your Purchase Order process.

  • Vendors
    • Vendor Specific Costs
  • Purchase Orders
    • Shop past vendor purchases
  • Easily Copy Past POs
  • Receipt Management
  • Receipts automatically linked to Accounts Payable
  • 2-way and 3-way matching
  • Cost variance approvals
  • Email vendors your Purchase Orders
  • Receiving documents
  • Catch Weight setup by Product

Customer Orders

Jump start your sales.

  • Quickly enter new Sales Orders
  • Allocate / Lock Inventory
  • Future Orders
  • Know what to purchase
  • Easy Order Changes
  • ProForma Documents
  • Customer Price Lists
  • Minimum Price Locks
  • Low Gross Profit Alerts
  • BOL generation
  • Simple, clear, and bold pallet labels


We get you paid.

  • Catch Weight or Set Weight
  • Generation of invoices from orders
  • Custom service prices per customer
  • Daily & monthly AR Batches
  • fail-safe EOD billing
    • Check status of orders and invoices in progress
    • Resume upon error for the same batch
  • Payment & Credit management
  • Paperless invoice and order document capability

Recipe Management

Be inspired to create.

  • Keep track of ingredients/services needed per recipe
  • Record ingredient/service costs
  • Maintain track of items produced per recipe
  • Use your preferred unit of measure

The perfect Food Management Software for your company...

is the one that's ready for you.

We're ready for you. Whether you have food distribution or food manufacturing needs or both, our ERP software has what you need. Manage all aspects of your business process from start to end, including but not limited to: purchasing, inventory management, customer relationship management, manufacuturing, food safety, sales, human resources and all financials, reports and more.

The perfect Food Management Software for your company...

is the one that's made for you.

We're here to listen. Our ERP consulting services are unmatched. Our consultants are ready to take your phone calls and discuss how we can help drive the success of your business up. Discuss any and all ideas you have for your company and your software and we will make it happen.

You decide what you want. Choose between our in-house ERP software system or our cloud ERP option and only pay for what your company needs.