Pallet Analysis Report

The Pallet Analysis Report on our ERP software gives a convenient display of all of the pallets that were in the building during a specified date range. This report provides an easy view of a pallet's length of stay up until the end of your specified date range, or until it exited the cold storage or food distribution facility. This information can be useful for a variety of billing purposes, including third party billing practices for storage.

Our screen offers a variety of filters to help narrow down or broaden your search. On our ERP software, you are able to view the exact details of a specific pallet, or get a broader view of all the pallets that fall within your filter.

The filters to help your search are: Grace Period, From Date, To Date, and Filter. The required fields for your search are the From and To Date and your Grace Period. The date range will allow you to view approximately one month or period at a time, 31 days max, and will provide pallet data between that specific date range only.

Grace Period

Your Grace Period represents the number of days from when it was received that the pallet will not be charged for storage. The grace period for storage charges will vary between companies and customers based on the agreement for recurring storage fees. If no grace period is to be considered for storage charges, zero can simply be entered to bypass this function on the food distribution and cold storage software.

Analyzing Pallet Information

Once your time range is narrowed down and a grace period for storage charges is set, our report will list every pallet that had been physically in the building between those dates. Additional information shown on this report in our cold storage software is the item and its description, the pallet information and activity, and the total number of days present in the building up until the pallet either exited or the end date of your date range.

This report can be lengthy if you have a crowded warehouse, so the Filter field located on the top of the screen is available to help locate a specific keyword or pallet ID. The In column will provide you with the specific date the pallet entered the building and subsequently ERP software. The Exit column will indicate the day the pallet was removed from the warehouse and the WMS system. Note, an exit date will only be shown on the report if the exit date falls within the From and To date range specified at the top of the report.

With a cloud-based ERP system, you can easily add or remove users, turn on or off features as needed, and adapt the software to fit your needs. It's easy to scale your ERP system to meet the changing needs of your business, without incurring additional costs or downtime. Additionally, cloud-based ERP systems are designed to be flexible, allowing you to customize the system to meet your specific business requirements. This means you can tailor the system to fit your unique processes and workflows, rather than having to adapt your business to fit the limitations of the software.

Excel Downloads

This Pallet Analysis Report is able to be easily downloaded as an excel file off of our ERP software to save or share with customers. Note that the report is filtered by individual customers on our Cold Storage software. Our Food Manufacturing software will show every pallet present in the warehouse and cold storage system regardless of ownership for a given search result.