GTIN ReLabel

Customer Specific Barcodes On Demand

Our Warehouse Management Software has the ability to print brand new barcodes for any specified GTIN code. Use our WMS System's GTIN Re-labeling RF feature to easily print additional labels with your customers' requested GTIN code for any product, in lieu of using your own GTIN barcode associations.

Offer your customers the convenience of being able to utilize these custom labels when they are receiving product in, so that they can easily scan cases into their inventory and avoid additional manual labor.

GTIN Relabel Process

This relabeling process in our WMS ERP Software can be performed directly in the warehouse using a scan gun, and labels can then be sent to a designated warehouse printer.

For any item on your customer's item master list, simply associate a new Relabel GTIN code for that item, then label it with a description and the printed text you'd like to see on top of the label itself.

Once the association has been completed, in our WMS System simply enter or scan the item code, choose the GTIN code that the new label should contain, then scan again to confirm. The new barcode will print and contain the new customer specific GTIN you selected, along with any of the relevant information that was contained within the original barcode up until fifty digits. This information includes but is not limited to a lot number, expiration date, best by date, pack date, slaughter date, weight and serial number up until fifty digits is reached.

GTIN ReLabel Specifications

Relabel barcode labels currently support 4 by 1.5 inch labels for print in our Warehouse Management System. These labels are conveniently sized to be able to fit even with limited box space.

Our Warehouse Management System allows for use of thermal printers when printing GTIN Relabel labels.