AR and AP Aging


Use our ERP System's robust dashboard feature for a convenient overview of your AR and AP Aging information.

The Sales/Open AR dashboard showcases all open AR and Open Invoices on clear, simple pie charts, giving you an easy way to see exactly what's owed to you and from who. Click on any segment within the pie chart to drill into the corresponding report for further details.

The Cashflow dashboard gives a great overview of your overall cash flow in and out over the past 12 months, and includes bar graphs to showcase exactly what's owed to you versus what you need to pay.


Our ERP System has the ability to filter both AR and AP Invoices by age. You have complete control when it comes to deciding which invoices you'd like to view, and can easily narrow down the list to meet your needs.

View AR Invoices by age to give you a clear picture about what is owed to you. In addition, on the AP Invoices screen, view AP Invoices by age to help you decide what to pay and when.