AR and AP Aging

Automated AR Statements

If you have any number of outstanding invoices, this means you're providing services or products without being paid. Our Accounts Receivable System gives a better grasp on your cash flow and can help put your business in better financial standing.

You now have the option to set up Weekly Automated AR Statements. Once set up, automatically send statements to your customers. Available options are to either automatically send statements to all customers having a past due balance only, or all customers having any open balance. Statements always contain the full open balance, past due or not.

Our Automated AR Statement feature within our WMS ERP System automatically detects customers who still owe you for past due services and emails them a PDF attachment of their outstanding balance.

Our efficient AR System will free up responsibilities allowing you to focus more on running your business. If you don't have an Accounts Receivable system in place, reach out to us to get started right away with our ERP System. It's not too late, and it is never bad timing to get better control of what is owed to you.

Bulk Invoices

Your customers may not want to receive an invoice via email each time an invoice is generated to them. They can choose, with your setup in our WMS ERP System, to have invoices 'queue' up in the ERP system to then later be emailed to them in bulk one or more times per week. We call this Bulk Invoicing and it can easily setup through your Customer Contact screens.

This weekly email can also optionally include an Open AR Statement and this, can also be enabled by contact. This allows you to set up some contacts to receive Bulk Invoices without the AR Statement, while at the same time having other contacts receive both Bulk Invoices and AR Statements.

Bulk Invoices are sent in a standard, cross-platform-compatible, compressed Zip file attachment.

Charging Taxes

Our WMS ERP Software handles charging customers the necessary tax that is required for the goods and services that you provide.

The proper percentage of tax is automatically added to any order by the WMS system. There is no need to keep track of tax rates and ensuring that the appropriate tax is added in, our ERP software does all the work for you.

Vendor Class Distribution Defaults

Class Distribution Defaults

Save time in our WMS ERP System during invoicing by setting up default class assignments for vendors whose products span across AP Classes.

Assign a percentage to be distributed for each class, per vendor, and avoid the hassle of needing to manually select these AP Classes in every single invoice you create.

While the vendor class distribution defaults will automatically show up in all invoices you create for the corresponding vendor, you have full control in our Warehouse Management Software, and can easily override any default class assignments manually for any exceptions.

ERP Reporting


Use our ERP System's robust dashboard feature for a convenient overview of your AR and AP Aging information.

The Sales/Open AR dashboard within our ERP Software showcases all open AR and Open Invoices on clear, simple pie charts, giving you an easy way to see exactly what's owed to you and from who. Click on any segment within the pie chart to drill into the corresponding report for further details.

Our warehouse management ERP system also has a Cashflow dashboard that gives a great overview of your overall cash flow in and out over the past 12 months, and includes bar graphs to showcase exactly what's owed to you versus what you need to pay.


Our ERP System has the ability to filter both AR and AP Invoices by age. You have complete control when it comes to deciding which invoices you'd like to view, and can easily narrow down the list to meet your needs.

View AR Invoices by age to give you a clear picture about what is owed to you. In addition, on the AP Invoices screen of our ERP Software, view AP Invoices by age to help you decide what to pay and when.