Case Label Options

Case Label Sizes

Have the freedom to decide which case label format best suits your needs.

Our Warehouse Management System currently supports zebra labels of two sizes: 4x2 inch and a larger 4x4 inch size.

Both labels will display information including: item name, lot, weight, item number barcode or GS1-128 barcode, lot number barcode or UPC barcode if applicable.

Safe Handling and USDA Images

Our WMS ERP Software is versatile in its ability to display any custom safe handling or USDA stamp right on your case labels.

Our larger 4x4 inch size case label is perfect for displaying this additional information, and is one of the options you can choose to include or omit from your labels.

Ingredient Lists

If you'd like to show an ingredient list for the product contained within your cases, you now have the ability to custom add your list of ingredients to any item in inventory and have it print right on your case labels.

Our ERP Software's custom 4x4 inch case label seamlessly displays the list of ingredients right at the center of the label.