Recurring Storage Charges

Monthly, Weekly and Daily Storage Billing

Customize your storage billing for your customers by choosing from monthly, weekly, or daily storage charges. Mix and match your storage billing offerings for special circumstances and charge customers accordingly. Use the "as of" date feature to start billing certain rates "as of" certain dates for promotional periods and rate hikes.

Create as many billing variations as needed, including distinctions between monthly cooler storage charges versus monthly freezer storage charges and so forth. Add custom storage rates per customer to further customize your billing or use a globally defined rate.

Monthly on the First Billing

Another billing option our WMS Software has for recurring storage is to bill monthly on the first of every month. If pallets stay in for less than 15 days, then half the normal monthly storage charge will be billed. If pallets stay in for over 15 days, then the full storage charge will be billed regardless of meeting that full month storage.