Quick Menu

Favorites Access Without a Mouse on your PC

Our ERP System now offers a quick or favorites menu to make it even easier to use our WMS System. Simply hit the ESC Key on your keyboard to open up the favorites menu and view a list of all of your frequently used screens.

Simply use the Star Icon to add screens to your favorites list and rearrange as desired to assign your own custom keyboard shortcut combinations. All screens on your favorites list will now be accessible using the ESC Key + whatever number value you've assigned when organizing your favorites list.

Favorites Access Right on a Scan Gun

Our Favorites/Quick Menu can also be accessed using our WMS Software right on the scan gun. Simply use the ESC Key to open the quick menu and view the shortcuts, then press the corresponding number value next to the screen you'd like to open up.

No more using cumbersome styluses to access your most frequently used screens. Starting a receipt, putaway or any other commonly used scan gun function is now easier than ever on our Warehouse Management ERP System.