Inbound and Outbound Appointments

Our WMS Software has implemented a robust scheduling component to ensure that the day to day operations for cold storage and food distribution businesses are optimized.

Schedule Pickups and Drop-offs

Plan ahead and schedule pickups and drop-offs using our Schedule Calendar feature. Add appointments to the schedule for putaways, receipts and pick up orders, and view by the day or for the upcoming week. See exactly what's coming in and going out at a glance.

Email Appointment Confirmations and Alerts

The scheduling feature has also made it easier to organize and ensure all pickups and drop-offs go smoothly with appointment confirmations and email alerts. Send customers and vendors an appointment confirmation notice to confirm an appointment has been added to the schedule. In addition, set up appointment alerts to send out email reminders as upcoming appointments are approaching.

Scheduling your anticipated pickups and drop-offs and submitting appointment confirmation documents will help mitigate any unexpected surprises, as both parties are now formally aware of the expectations for the delivery or drop-off. List out any stipulations on the order confirmation document to avoid any unexpected no shows or drop-offs at unspecified times.