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Inventory Units and Invoiced Inventory Units

Organizing your inventory with lot numbers, manual ids and exclusion reasons has been enhanced to allow for easier traceability.

You can now create your own unique exclusion reasons that identify why specific pallets in inventory have been excluded from being picked and shipped out. This comes in handy for quality control purposes and any other reason you may choose to withhold the allocation of a certain product to a sales order.

Scan Gun Support in Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance in our Manufacturing ERP Software has now been made easier with our RF PM scanning process. Each PM event has now been assigned a barcode, which can be scanned on a printout while the PM event is being performed. This will in turn, allow you to follow prompts to complete each action associated with the PM event, and record any values/information as necessary.

In addition, asset and component specific barcode labels are currently being developed to attach to your assets/equipment to further enhance the scanning process.

Once all actions have been completed and all information pertaining to the event recorded, simply complete the event in real-time with the scan gun.

Read more about this feature here.

Peer to Peer Communication

Communicate effectively with your employees by creating and sending messages to other users within your company.

Keep track of replies and add others to the conversation thread.

Send the same message to multiple users for companywide announcements.

Read more about this feature here.

Order Entry Warnings

Receive warnings that let you know whenever another user has recently made changes to an order you were working on.

Avoid mistakes and stay on top of changes that are made to your orders.

You have control and decide exactly how many minutes should go by before a warning is not necessary. Just let us know and we'll adjust your setting.