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Grace Period

Our Putaway creation process has been enhanced to better meet the needs our growing customer base.

The Frozen Storage Industry or Cold Storage Industry has many unique requirements that many other types of storage facilities do not need to take into account. Some offer services specific to clearing product that is being imported into their country of operation. Unlike your average storage facility, cold storage facilities must take many other factors into account when deciding all that will go into the operation of their business.

In the Food Storage Industry you would traditionally bill your customers for two things when you take in their inventory.

One is an Inbound Handling fee. The other is the First Month's Storage charge.

Our software now allows it's users to take in your customers inventory with Grace Period on the storage fee.

This allows your customer a certain number of days of processing, clearing, or pre-arranged activities to take place before issuing that first bill. The software will then keep track of how many days have elapsed and automatically issue the first months charge when appropriate.