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Original Event Date

When our system issues an event is due, it can be delayed. Not be dealt with immediately. If that were to occur, our system would not retain the original date the event was triggered. This was deemed very relevant during audits if a machine or equipment happened to fail inspection. It is important to know that a Preventative Maintenance Task was scheduled for Monday, for instance, but was not actually performed until the following week. Our system now keeps track of this along all other details entered by the operator of the software.

Our system automatically retains the original event date if it is not dealt with. Auditors can then use this information to determine if equipment failure or malfunction may have been due to neglect or failure to comply with the events triggered by our Preventative Maintenance System.

What is a preventative maintenance system?

Regular, routine maintenance to help keep equipment up and running.

Our Preventative Maintenance Software allows you to keep a record of every equipment you own you wish to track.

It lets you schedule maintenance tasks based on either Elapsed Days or Elapsed Meter Readings such as Mileage or Hours of Use.

Preventive Maintenance Management can be very complex, especially for companies with a lot of equipment and those with equipment whose regular maintenance is regulated and audited. For this reason, many companies rely on preventive maintenance software to help organize and carry out all their preventive maintenance needs.