Please reach out to us if you would like a demo or an explanation of any feature noted

Warehouse and Outbound Sales Orders

You can now Move Inventory Units which were already picked and verified to an order. This essentially allows you to adjust the unit & pallet configuration of any order, and thus customizing the BOL with a specific and accurate pallet count. This is useful when a shipment has to be re-palletized or re-stacked due to unique stacking requirements.

A new quick Order Imaging option is now available under our RF menu. This option allows you to easily enter a sales order number, then upload any relevant attachments. Easily upload pictures of every pallet going out on a sales order, or every pallet that came in. Note the device being used has to be a camera-enabled-device.

A new Verified Order Move icon is now available on the Sales Order listing, providing even quicker access for moving pallets out to manifest bins.

A new Edit Pallet icon is now available on the Inventory Unit Inquiry listing, providing even quicker access for editing a pallet's information such as the Manual Id., Exclude Reason, Internal Note, etc.

Improvements to the Inventory ReStock functionality, which provides guidance to returning unwanted picked or verified inventory back to its original pallet/location.

An option for Bulk Limited bins are now supported. This is the 4th type of bin supported. Traditional bins allow for a maximum of 1 pallet. Bulk bins allow for an unlimited number of pallets. Pushback bins allow for a limited number of pallets in LIFO order. The new Bulk Limited option allows for multiple pallets limited to a maximum in each bin without a LIFO rule.

Sales Reports

Our Monthly Sales report now allows a Compare to Last Year option which highlights any loss in sales for a customer, customer class, salesman, item, item class, or service. Your sales force will love this feature for product and customer performance reviews.

Accounts Receivable & Customers

You now have the option to set up Weekly Automated AR Statements. Once set up, automatically send statements to your customers. Available options are to either automatically send statements to all customers having a past due balance only, or all customers having any open balance. Statements always contain the full open balance, past due or not. Let us know which day of the week works best for you.

A Default Customer PO Number can be setup at the customer level. Every new sales order can be defaulted with a preset PO Number from that customer's setup.

Document Management

Up to 5 distinct document Search Criteria can be setup per document type managed in our system. This enhancement provides you even more control over how your documents are searched over and are organized.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance Events now retain their original Event Date. This effectively shows the operator or auditor how long an event sat for before it was worked on. This enhancement had been requested by an SQF auditor and it now available for all to use.