Please reach out to us if you would like a demo or an explanation of any feature noted

System Wide

"?" help icons deployed throughout the site to serve as a quick guide for each screen in the system.

Initial Landing Page. Let us know if you'd like to be configured to land on a specific menu option after login, as opposed to the logo home page.

Sales Orders

Storage Software Model now supports a Manual Id on Order Entry in addition to Lot# and Pallet Id. A Manual Id can be specified during a Putaway to group an entire set of pallets together. That is, in addition to the customers Lot Number, the Manual Id can serve as an Internal Lot Number.

Our printed Pick Ticket now features a summary section applicable when picks and pulls print across more than one pallet and lot.

Sales Orders having a $Zero value, now have a Red Highlighted Order Total to warn you, visually, prior to invoicing.

Storage Software Model now supports an Automatic Release Charge added to outbound pick orders. Please inquire if all of your outbound activity requires manually added charge - automating it will save you some time and prevent lost charges.

Distribution Software Model now supports both a company-level or user-level Gross Profit % Threshold setting. The shown Gross Profit for Sales Orders and Order Lines are red-highlighted if the GP falls below the threshold.

Pick Tickets, BOLs, and Invoices can now be set to Automatically Print once generated. Please let us know if you print every document you generate - automating it will save you some time.

Pulling Back From WMS for an entire sales order line is now supported directly from the Sales Order detail screen.

Storage Software Model now supports an auto-fill in Sales Order Entry for both Lots and Pallet Ids. This was only available on Lots, prior to this update.

For Catch Weight Lines, we now show the count of weights taken vs. not taken in the Sales Order activity section.

A New Address button is now available in Order Entry - allowing for faster creation of new address into the Customers Master Address list.

Putaways, Storage Software Model Only

After successful completion of a Putaway, the system now automatically redirects to the Putaway Queue page. This more clearly illustrates that the putaway has been completed.

A new Queue button is now available after a Putaway is created, fast-tracking you into the Putaway Queue.

We now have a new Weights icon directly from the Putaway queue. This allows weights to be taken prior to commencing the Putaway, making it easier to track your progress in entering weights across many pallets. It automatically traverses all pallets in the Queue.