Food Production

Customizable Cloud Business Software models for your Manufacturing industry needs

Equipment Management

You'll be inspired to care for your equipment.

  • Asset Maintenance
    • Component Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Organize by Make and Model
  • Meets SQF Level 2 standards and requirements

Manufacturing Activity

Be Inspired to Manufacture.

  • Manufacturing Batches
  • Manage inventory needed per batch
  • Record used and leftover inventory

Purchase Orders

Jumpstart your Purchase Order process. Make it Inspired.

  • Purchase Order Placement
  • Purchase Order Planning
  • Purchase Order Changes
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • PO, Receipt and Invoice matching

Customer Orders

Jumpstart your order process. Make it Inspired.

  • Order Booking
  • Order Planning
  • Order Changes
  • Order Processing
  • BOL generation
  • Simple, clear, and bold pallet labels


Inspired Billing to get you paid.

  • Generation of invoices from orders
  • Custom service prices per customer
  • Daily & monthly AR Batches
  • fail-safe EOD billing
    • Check status of orders and invoices in progress
    • Resume upon error for the same batch
  • Payment & Credit management
  • Paperless invoice and order document capability

Recipe Management

Be Inspired to create.

  • Keep track of ingredients/services needed per recipe
  • Record ingredient/service costs
  • Maintain track of items produced per recipe
  • Use your preferred unit of measure