Cold Storage

Customizable Cloud Business Software models for your Cold Storage industry needs

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Systems, the Inspired way.

  • Topography dashboard
  • Pallet management
  • All FIFO support. But we allow specific pallet selection or by lot alone.
  • Label generation
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Warehouse, area, bin, pallet, case-level management
    • with history of activity at each level
  • Moves can be entered just by scanning barcodes
  • GS1-128 barcode processing
  • Customer portal to see inventory & activity in real time
  • Minimal training time for Scan Gun warehouse operators due to simplicity of RF guidance.

Order Process

Jumpstart your order process. Make it Inspired.

  • Order Booking
  • Order Planning
  • Bin Reservations
  • Storage and allocation charges: monthly, one-time, by count
  • Order Changes
  • Order Processing
    • receive inventory
    • stock inventory
    • pick, pack, ship
  • BOL generation
  • Simple, clear, and bold pallet labels
  • Bin Reservations
    • Support SQF allergen requirements
  • Order Tally
    • shows what you'll need, to ensure you can fill future orders


Inspired Billing to get you paid.

  • Invoice generation from orders and warehouse data
  • Custom service prices per customer
  • Daily & monthly AR Batches
  • fail-safe EOD billing
    • Automatic periodic service and per-activity billing based on warehouse activity
    • Check status of orders and invoices in progress
    • Resume upon error for the same batch
  • Payment & Credit management
  • Fully paperless capabilities as documents can updated to orders, invoices, and even customers.

Order Tally

Shows what you'll need, to ensure you can fill future orders.

  • lets customers track their inventory across future shipments
  • lets customers know when to replenish stock into your warehouse to ensure timely and efficient fulfillment
  • search for a particular item or view all items at once

Equipment Management

You'll be inspired to care for your equipment.

  • Equipment Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance Tracking
  • Meets SQF Level 2 standards and requirements

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile-friendly and mobile-first design, according to your needs.

  • Flexible and friendly design works even on older barcode-scanner handheld devices.
  • Collapsing tables turn into display cards for mobile layout.
  • Hotkeys available for speedy navigation & menu access - keep your fingers on the keyboard, do data entry at top speed, and make use of the physical buttons on your scanner guns.

Customer Portal

Give your customers access to their real-time item inventory, velocity, order activity and order details, with lot and pallet level information.

Little to no hardware investment

All will be housed and backed up on the cloud, running under redundant hardware and circuitry.