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Tailored Software Solutions

Customizable software models for your Cold Storage, Manufacturing and Distribution industry needs.

Our software is set up for your needs, after hearing from you on what it is you are trying to achieve - we can make it happen, whether it be with our feature-driven turnkey solutions or a custom-written package just for you.

Customizable ERP Systems

ERP is an industry of software that's rapidly growing. Rather than spend money on multiple software systems, choose the one that already has what you need to run your business all built in.

Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need all in one place, and also having the ability to customize our already unmatched ERP system to further suit your unique business needs.

Cloud and In-House ERP

You have options here at Inspired Technology Systems. Choose our in-house ERP system or go for a cloud ERP implementation.

With cloud ERP, only pay for what your business needs. There's little to no hardware investment and will scale with your company as you grow.

Warehouse Management

Easily keep track of inventory activities

Equipment Management

Maintain your equipment and keep track of preventative maintenance

Manufacturing Activity

Organize all manufacturing components simply and efficiently

Purchase Orders

Maintain track of all purchase orders and accounts payable

Customer Orders

Keep track of all orders placed by customers and accounts receivable


Invoicing, Payment and Credit management

Simple, Powerful, Responsive

We put a premium on a thoughtful and logical user experience

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With our featureful web-based menu system, fine-grained security controls, and user management with groups, you can rely on us to provide you the fit you need for your unique company structure.

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ERP Enterprise Software

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Management, are software systems which are becoming an increasingly popular way to manage your business. ERP software systems strive to incorporate applications for all the different aspects of your business. For example, your typical manufacturing business would need systems to manage: purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing, customer relationships, sales, financials and human resources to name a few. Rather then spend more time and money purchasing multiple different software systems to manage each of these areas of business, ERP systems are built to maintain it all. Cloud based ERP systems are especially useful if hardware investment is something to avoid and growth is to be expected. Rather than invest a fixed amount on a system that may or may not suit your needs as you grow, consider a cloud based ERP system instead.


Cloud based ERP software systems offer the most reliability primarily due to their almost inherently redundant nature. Have peace of mind knowing that all your information is kept secure and easily accessible on the cloud. A cloud ERP offers redundant measures, is easily accessible through any Internet-enabled device, and thus is convenient to use.


Nothing can beat the convenience of having all aspects of your company managed all in one place. Stay organized and on top of your business, as well as enjoy the benefits of shorter training sessions for new employees. Manage all aspects of your business on any device. It is backed up on the Cloud. The web interface and familiarity of using it on a web browser makes easy to train new employees.


Other than your Internet infrastructure, there is no fixed amount of hardware needed for purchase which is the core beauty of Cloud ERP software system. As your company grows, you will not be held back by not having software with the same ability to grow with it. Only pay for what you need for a product that expands with your business and requires no hardware Investment.

Lead your Industry

Our ERP software system has proven to be extremely useful in a variety of different business settings. There are many ERP based software systems to choose from for industries such as, the manufacturing industry, the storage industry including cold storage, the distribution industry as well as your standard service provider business. Companies that are a part of any of these industries and beyond can greatly benefit from switching to our ERP software system.

For example, a warehouse manager can manage receipts into inventory and all other WMS related activities right in the same system as an AP manager who is in charge of ensuring receipts are aligned with what the vendor is billing you. Each of their duties would be kept separate within the system, however, only the one ERP system is needed to provide for all of these roles as opposed to what could be a separate inventory management software system and a separate system for accounting. All are integrated, talking to each other, in real time.

Your Leading ERP Software Provider

At Inspired Technology Systems we offer a wide array of ERP models to pick from. Either customize so make the software match your business, or take the base software and adapt to it's default settings. There are options and endless possibilities. Explore what we have to offer. Please read through our list of features in our ERP Software page

Cloud-based ERP

Many ERP software companies offer both options of either on premise or on cloud service, as we do, choosing a cloud-based ERP software system model should be highly considered. The unique benefits of using an ERP system are only amplified when combined with the use of the cloud. Avoid a costly hardware investment and a large initial software fee. Pay monthly or yearly and only for what you need, when needed.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that as you grow, your software configuration will be able to accommodate and grow with you.

Lastly, trust that your data and information are securely backed up, conveniently accessible whenever you need it.

ERP Customization

While enterprise resource management systems are made to suit all of your business needs from the start, it is still extremely important to choose a software company that offers next level customer service and consulting services. No system is perfect for every business, and while choosing an ERP system eliminates much of the stress that would stem from researching and purchasing multiple different systems, customization is still a great way to get the most out of an ERP software system. Choose a software company that offers personal guidance and and is open to making your visions a reality.

The Best ERP Software

Cutting-edge technology is key for a company's success, and ERP software systems offer all the tools needed to help maximize a company's potential. The unique concept of incorporating all facets of the business flow from start to finish under one system is what makes ERP software solutions stand out amongst its competitors. Avoid the high costs associated with implementing multiple different software systems to suit your needs and instead choose a system that has your entire business cycle covered.

Choose the Best

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